Brushy Creek Movers always likes to get feedback from their clients once the move is done and we interviewed a lot of them throughout the years. Whenever we ask them what is the most challenging task they had, the answer is usually the same – packing. That is why Brushy Creek Movers can offer you packing assistance as well. Our customer support agents will get more information about what you need and based on that we will make a plan of action together. You will be informed about the price that we offer for this type of service and we are proud to say that the price doesn’t have any hidden charges on top. No one likes to be surprised with additional cost, especially when it comes to packing, which is a stressful event by itself. 

Our team will make sure your packing service is done in a timely manner, while making sure all of your personal belongings are safely packed in a box. All of our packers and movers are trained professionals, so you can relax, you are in safe hands. 

When it comes to packing boxes, you get to choose whether you would like to use ours or to get your own boxes. Packing supplies that we offer are charged additionally, per item used and we use high quality materials that will ensure the safety of your items. 

Reach out and get your free moving quote and let Brushy Creek Movers take care of your packing. We are looking forward to working with you!