1. When to call movers?

The best advice you can get is to call your local movers as soon as you know that you will have to move. Good professional movers with trusted reputation are getting booked up pretty fast, so you want to secure your spot with them. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate, but reach out as soon as you have a moving date in mind.

2. Can movers take apart furniture?

Furniture movers are not coming empty handed to your move, they will have tools needed to disassembly and later on reassemble your belongings. If there is something specific or unique, you can always double check with them. 

3. Will movers store your stuff?

This is a bit complex question and answer is not simple as yes or no because that depends if you are hiring movers that are offering storage services as well. The usual practise with local moving companies is to find a storage unit separately. In case you need your belongings stored for a day or two, your local movers might do it.

4. Will movers pack for you?

Of course, every company can offer you both, packers and movers for your upcoming relocation. Just ask your sales representative for more details and what is the price difference if they are packing and make a final decision.

5. Why tip movers?

Certainly, you are not obligated to tip the movers because they do have their own salaries with the moving company. However, it is a nice gesture to tip someone who just spent hours moving your personal belongings. How much to tip the movers and whether you would like to tip them at all is completely up to you. 

6. Where to find movers?

Nowadays, finding movers became so simple, you can just type movers near me or local movers near me and there they are. The thing is that you need to do a proper research before you schedule any.  If you have someone who can refer to a moving company, even better.

7. How many movers do I need?

Moving companies have trained and experienced staff on the phone that will help you book your move. Once you let them know a bit more about your home, they will be able to recommend the number of movers that will take care of your belongings professionally, safely and efficiently. 

8. What if movers break something?

Licensed moving companies have moving insurance included in the price. All you need to do is to call them back and they will explain the claim process to you. After you start a claim process, you will get the chance to talk to agents that will work on your case.

9. Movers who will move one item?

Any local furniture movers is a simple answer to this. However, most of the moving companies have hourly rates with 2 or 3 hours of minimum. So the main question is if that fits your budget. 

10. Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Prices and services moving companies are offering are different because of their different policies. If you are flexible with the moving date, you can always ask your sales representative if there is a price difference between days.