If you have an apartment moving to plan, Brushy Creek Movers can help you out. Throughout the years we performed so many apartment moves that we can guarantee your apartment move will be executed safely and efficiently. Contact us and our customer support team will help you out with every step of your upcoming move. Not only will we provide you with a free moving quote, you will get guidance needed to prepare for your local move. The main difference between apartment moving and residential moving is that there is much more coordination and planning involved because you have to communicate between your building management and your moving company. We already have knowledge about this, so we will help you prepare all the paperwork. In case you need a Certificate of Insurance, we will provide one free of charge. In case your building wants you to protect the elevators or hallways, we will take care of that. Our moving experts will explain the whole moving and booking process and they are available to you 7 days a week. 

Our team of movers and packers is trained and experienced in providing all sorts of apartment moves, no matter how complicated your apartment moving is. Service of disassembly will be provided by our team and later on assembly. All of your furniture will be wrapped up with our blankets and plastic wrap. Wardrobe boxes are free to use during your move, so you won’t have to pre pack your hanging clothes. We also have moving dollies in case there are any heavy pieces needed to be handled. 

Throughout the whole move, your belongings will be covered with basic coverage insurance. Our rates in general are transparent and without any hidden charges. Even if you have stairs or long carry there won’t be any hidden fee.

Reach out to schedule the best apartment movers in town.